RTI Online Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • To which Public Authority can I file a request through this portal?
    An applicant who desires to obtain information under the RTI Act, 2005 can make a request through this RTI Online Portal to the CIDCO.
  • How do I write my application for seeking the information as per RTI Act 2005?
    The text of the application may be written in the prescribed column of the RTI request form. At present, the text of the application is confined up to 3000 characters only.
    In case, the text of an application contains more than 3000 characters, it can be uploaded as a PDF attachment in the "Supporting Document" column of the form.
  • How do I make the payment for RTI fee?
    After filling the first page of the RTI request form, a non-BPL applicant has to click on "Make Payment" button for payment of the prescribed RTI fee.
    The applicant can pay the prescribed RTI fee through the following modes:
    (i) Internet banking through SBI and its associated banks.
    (ii) Using ATM-cum-Debit card of State Bank of India.
    (iii) Credit/Debit card of Master/Visa.
    It may be noted that no RTI fee is required to be paid by a citizen who is below poverty line, as per RTI Rules, 2012. However, the BPL applicant must attach a copy of the certificate issued by the appropriate government in this regard, along with the application.
  • Do I get any receipt for online filing of RTI application?
    On submission of an application, a unique registration number will be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any future reference.
    It may be noted that the application filed through this RTI Online Portal will reach electronically to the "Nodal Officer" of the said Ministry/Department and "Not" to the CPIO of the concerned Ministry/Department.
    The Nodal Officer will transmit the RTI application electronically to the concerned CPIO.
  • Will I be informed about the additional fee (if any) is required to pay?
    In case additional fee representing the cost is required for providing information, the CPIO will intimate the same, which can be viewed by the applicant through "View Status" option in the RTI Online Portal and an e-mail alert or SMS or both will also be sent to the applicant for the same.
    For payment of additional fee online, the applicant needs to use the option ‘View Status’ in the RTI Online Portal and on providing the registration number of the request, option for "Make Payment" will be available.
  • How do I file an appeal with First Appellate Authority?
    For making an appeal to the first Appellate Authority, the applicant has to select the option "Submit First Appeal" in the RTI Online Portal and fill up the form that will appear.
    The registration number and e-mail ID of the original application is required for filing the first appeal.
  • Do I need to make any payment for filing an appeal?
    As per RTI Act, no fee has to be paid for first appeal.
  • Do I get any SMS from RTI Online Portal?
    Though optional, the mobile number can be provided by the applicant/ appellant in order to receive SMS alerts.
  • Is it mandatory to create user account on RTI online web portal?
    No. You can directly file your RTI on "Submit Request" tab.
  • What should I do if I forgot my password for the user account?
    Use the "Forget Password" utility to regenerate new password. It may be noted that new password would be sent at your registered email ID.
  • What should I do if my password is not working?
    You may call the RTI helpdesk or send an e-mail at helprtionline-dopt[at]nic[dot]in, requesting to reset your password.
  • What should I do when RTI online portal asks for activation key on first login?
    An Activation Key will be sent on your email ID provided during registration. This Activation Key can be used to activate the account on first login.
    Provision for re-generation of Activation key is also available after first login or before activation of the user account. The new activation key will be sent on your registered email-id.
  • What should I do if amount is deducted from my account but registration number is not generated?
    Kindly wait for the 48 hours as registration number will be generated after reconciliation. If it is not generated within 48 hours kindly send an e-mail at helprtionline-dopt[at]nic[dot]in with your transaction details.
  • What should I do when portal is not allowing me to file the first appeal?
    That can be case where your RTI application has been physically transferred to other public authority, which is not aligned to this portal. In that case, you should file your appeal in physical mode to concerned public authority.
    Another case can be if your RTI application is not replied by CPIO and 30 days have not lapsed. In that case, you can file first appeal only after completion of stipulated time period of 30 days.
  • Can I file online first appeal for any RTI application filed physically in the first place ?
    No, Online first appeal can only be filed against previously filed online RTI application.
  • Why RTI application filed by me is not displaying in my user account?
    There are two ways of filing RTI request:-
    1. Registered user: after creating a user account and filing RTI request after logging in, such RTI application will appear in the user account.
    2. Non Registered user: user can file RTI application directly without creating user account, the RTI filed in this case will not reflect in the user account,

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